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Mum: You aren’t even part of the fandom, why do you care who plays Grey?
Me: Because it just bothers me, I dunno. I feel like, I read the first book, someone owes me something for my time wasted!
Mum: Okay, so what’s wrong with the casting?
Me: The character is suppose to be the most beautiful man ever, but the actor who was cast looks like he was hit in the face with a shovel!
Mum: Kinda what happened with Twilight right? That creepy pedo vampire turned out to look like a constipated badger.
Me: Exactly!
Mum: Who did they cast anyway?
Me: I don’t even know, some guy, I think he was in Captain America. He played Bucky Barnes.
Mum: You’ve seen Captain America?
Me: No.
Mum: Then how do you know he played someone named after a chipmunk?
Me: Tumblr, duh.
Mum: Lemme guess, the chipmunk named character is all angsty and has gay undertones to his story.
Me: Well, Tumblr is obsessed with him, so, yeah, obviously.
Mum: I seriously need to start taking your computer away from you at night.

My mum and I talking about the 50 Shades casting choices. (via blindingechoes)

Oh and I just looked it up, it’s not Sebastian Stan playing Gray, it’s some guy named Jamie Dornan.  Still looks like a guy who was hit with a shovel, just not the guy you were thinking of.

Yesterday was one of those days

So my kid was off from school for Fair day, but we didn’t go cause my husband had to work, and really the fair is just too expensive even with a free kids ticket.  So he and I played some games, worked on Math facts and did a plaster impression of a footprint in the front yard  (He’s obsessed with finding bigfoot, ok?  I think it’s cute,)  

Anyways, my hubby gets home right as my son and my father in law start painting some wood planks in the backyard.  Little guy comes in, sits with his daddy as they play WoW, then he asks to use my phone so he can watch Pokemon and off he goes to his room for a little bit.

All is good for a couple hours, until we hear a thud followed by screaming.  We all rush in there to find him bleeding from his forehead and a very impressive lump starting to form.  He was jumping on his bed, slipped, fell, and hit his head on the headboard.  He’s hurt, terrified, and I’m just trying to get the bandaid on the gash before I faint and make things worse.  Normally I’m not squemish about blood, but when it’s coming from my little guy, I am.

We were nervous cause he kept wanting to sleep, so we took him to the ER, which, as kids usually do, he started acting his normal self.  So we talked to an intake nurse who looked him over briefly and said he should be fine but if things get worse or if he started throwing up or acting out of character, to bring him back in.

This morning, the lump is nearly gone, it’s just a little bruise with the cut almost healed as well.  Gave him a bath since he missed his last night (all he wanted to do once we got home was go to bed.), sent him to school.  The school hasn’t called so I’m assuming all is well.  Still, it was not a fun day.

Support Pack 1988 Garland Tx.

It’s that time of year for Boy Scouts. Popcorn season! If any of our friends would like to order some popcorn and help our Pack raise money for activities like camping and field trips, send me a message. I have order forms. Or you can order online at Thanks for your support.

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