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Fuck the goddamned M44 Hammerhead

When I played Mass Effect for the first time, I thought the damned Mako was bad, then I played Mass Effect two and got stuck with the fucking Hammerhead, the thing can’t steer, and blows up if you sneeze, it’s ridiculous.  And while it may only be used on DLC content, at least Project Overlord is one that I cannot and will not give up on, no matter how much I fucking hate this fucking vehicle.

I would also like to add that my seven year old son was watching me try to pilot this thing and he said, “IT’s like Flappy Bird!”

So I made myself a dudeshep because I love Tali and her romance and I wanted to do that again.  He’s earthborn, so I tried to make him kinda rough around the edges, he got his scar not from his childhood but from Elysium, being a War Hero.  He’s an engineer.  And I think he works rather well.  Normally when I play a Male Shep, I got with Sheploo, but I wanted to try something new.  I’m happy with how he looks thus far.

Some more pictures of the random legacy.  The boys are now teens, and I upgraded their house a bit.  Ella has almost completed her lifetime wish.  Zedd is the heir, and his future spouse is going to be Donna Singh.  She’s a werewolf, so I haven’t decided what I’m going to do about that yet.  He’s going to be the film director, she’s going to be the blogger.

So far so good,. Ella has gone on two dates with Leslie, the father of her two kids, Richard and Zedd(yep fandom names, I’m weird).  Don’t know which is heir though I’m leaning towards Zedd.  Ella is almost to the point in her career that she can choose the Special agent branch.  I lengthened the children’s age span to fourteen days because otherwise I don’t think I’d get perfect children.  I’m also two thirds of the way to gourmet, just have to make ratatouille for Zedd’s favorite meal and we’re good for that one.

Richard’s traits so far are Brave, Hates the outdoors and good sense of humour

Zedd’s are Easily impressed and Disciplined.

The first day in Moonlight falls.  She and the Mascot they got to talking and of course one thing led to another and now she’s pregnant with twins, thus knocking out the whole have two kids thing right away.  The game is running much smoother in Moonlight falls

UPDATE: despite having listened to the kids station on the stereo and having a 75% chance of twins, she had a boy named Richard.

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